Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New polish!!!

Went out today and just could resist buying some new polish so heres what i bought :D
quite excited to see what they look like on :D :D 
xoxo <3. sarah


Audrey L said...

I have that blue glitter and it is super prettym looking forward to seeing the yellow one!

I gave you a blog award ^^

sarah said...

aww thankyou :D ... yeah looks pretty and as for the yellow ive been looking out for it for a while :D so hope its nice :D
xoox <3.

Irishenchantment said...

what is the name of the blue glitter? it looks amazing! just a tip...i would put the names of the polishes you buy and also the names of the polishes when you show of your manis :)

shel xx

sarah said...

aww thanks for the advise :D will defo do that in the future :D ... it just called blue glitter by barry m :D its sooo nice :D :D
xoxo <3. sarah

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