Monday, 4 July 2011

dripping look :D

so now being back at my mums thought i would try a new look which looks like the varnish is dripping down your nails heres how it came out :D
For my first ateempt i think it came out pretty well ... also the colour underneth is one of my new mini opi that i bought to see what they were like. I now think this is my new favourite colour :D
xoxo <3. sarah


Audrey L said...

Looks great I think, really a good dripping effects! The dripping colour is lovely too, what is it?

sarah said...

aww thankyou :D glad you like it ... the colour i used to do the 'drip' is a barry m polish called navy

Irishenchantment said...

you done brilliant for the first go! not any faults with it :) go Sarah :) !!!

shel xx

sarah said...

aww thankyou so much!! :D
thats made me smile lots glad you think it looks good :D
xoxo <3. sarah

Minty said...


sarah said...

thankyou ! so simple but so effective :D :D

Olivia Singer said...

how do you do it? it's awesome

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