Monday, 11 July 2011

new mani ! :D

hey guys !
so back at my mums which only means one thing .. NEW MANI! .... so this morning i woke up and just thought to myslef i have one package which hasnt come yet and that was my fimos however guess what ....
they came in todays post!!! :D :D
anyhow the amazing facebook group polish-aholics anonymous have a monday theme and today was sponged nails so though i would do something with that and my fimos ..
heres what i came up with ...

let me know what you think :D
xoxo <3. sarah


Minty said...

I already told you this on PAA, but this looks great! I love fimo and sponging, together they look so pretty.

sarah said...

thankyou so much !! :D :D

Audrey L said...

Ohh thats such a nice sponged look, love the colours all together and the design! Really nice sponge mani~

sarah said...

aww thankyou :) so glad you liked it was a little unsure about it :D

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