Thursday, 30 June 2011

barry m mint green

okay so ive swatched my barry m mint green ... is not amazing quality of photo but heyho ...
then i put on a matt coat , not sure if you can tell but ill post it anyways :D
let me know what you think :)
xoxo <3. sarah

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

new polish ...

hey lovely people ... so today i wanted to get some new polish , really wanted to find opi as ive never used it and want to try it out , the only place i know sells it is sallys and it was £10.99 for a bottle!!!!! couldnt beleive how much it was ! anyhow i decided to get some minis to try the make out :) oh picked up a couple more things also :D

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

hey lovely people x.

so i know i only have a few followers but im so excited to have you all following my blog :) and just wanted to say hi :) ... if theres anything you think i could be doing better just comment and let me know ... also any ideas how to get more  people to know about my blog???
anyways pretty excited, going shopping tomorrow gonna look for some new polishes so will be sure to let you know what i get :D
xoxo <3. sarah


so yesterday i did a flower themed mani and even though it was okay seeing as ive only been doing this about 2 weeks i knew i could do better so heres what  did :D

Monday, 27 June 2011

Fraken :)

okay so this facebook group i mentioned earlier 'Polish-aholics' is actually amazing and is full of lovely people who are so happy to help you ... ive heard alot about fraken so asked what is was when i found out it was basically making your own polish by mixing and what not i got rather excited ... guess what ill be doing next :P make sure you check the group out :D
xoxo <3. sarah


Hey guys!...
just found the most amazing giveaway!!! check it out and follow the blog :D
xoxo <3


okay so there a little bit messy but was my first time :D heres how they came out...
xoxo <3.

First nail art for group =D

hmmm okay so i think im going slightly crazy as i only painted my nails this morning but have just joined a group on facebook called polish- aholics ( which is an amazing group with lovely people :D .... and they do a theme every monday and this week if floral so im just to excited and im going to have to paint my nails again :D
will post a piccy when done .....
xoxo <3

first mail from hong kong !!

hey !
so seeing as im new to thing whole nail art the other week i just ordered a few things from ebay ... i was a little bit unsure about this as they were going to be coming over from hong kong, i order some fimos a dotting tool and some rinestone all of which should take 3 weeks but got mail through today and it was my dotting tool :D very happy ... just gotta wait for the rest now :D
xoxo <3.

New mani

so over the weekend i just had something really simple and quick but still i think it looked rather cute :P
... didnt put a top coat on as knew i was going to strip of day after , anyhow i wasnt sure what to do but seeing as im new to all this nail art stuff there are so many different techniques i want to try so i thought i would try a blending one :D .... this is how it turned out
im pretty please with it and wooooo love how long my nails are getting , longest i think they have ever been (been a nail biter as long as i can remeber) so yeah looking good :)
again im sorry if the pictures arnt good quality they are all took on my phone
xoxo <3.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

first nail art :D

hey guys!
so i did my first nail art this week which was such a easy technique but looks so good... i loved it and got so many comments.
It the newspaper design which i followed from cutepolish who does so amazing designs :)
heres how my nails turned out
took the photo on my phone so sorry if its not good quality...
gonna my nails tonight but what to do hmmmmmmmm..... ;)
xoxo <3.

Monday, 20 June 2011

First Post xoxo.

okay so this is my first post and im quite excited ^_^ ... so i hope you like what you see so far. Im going to be mainly blogging about nail designs and what not so if you have any requests send them to me would love to here from you :) ... not to sure how long its going to take me to get used to this (i hope not too long)
Anyhow at least ive managed to post something which is a good start XD
Much love
Sarah xoxo <3.